Data protection and use of cookies

When you browse, some information may be saved in the so-called files “Cookies”, stored on your computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

The following page will inform you of the use of Cookies on our site and it will give you all the necessary indications to change its settings.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a short line of text that is stored on your computer/Tablet/mobile or browser when you browse online content: a web page, an online advertisement, etc.

Cookies ease your browsing and allow the recovery of data. They do not identify you personally, just the browser of your device.

The issuer of the Cookie (such as the website visited or the owner of the online ad) can, for the whole validity period of the cookie, recognize the terminal as soon as the latter accesses the web content of the same issuer. uses cookies to recover statistical data for traffic analysis purposes. By using cookies we improve your browsing experience on our site.

There are 4 types of cookies:

Technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to navigate on most of the websites, especially on in order to access some of our services. These cookies recognize your browser and signal us your visit on a given page, which allows us to adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your device (such as display resolution, language…)

These cookies cannot be deactivated as otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to access the services of

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are issued by our technical service providers in order to measure the audience of our web pages and improve your overall experience by improving our section and our services. These type of cookies also allow us to detect any potential problem and thus to improve the ergonomics of

Audience measurement cookies only create anonymous statistics as well as the collect information about the volume of traffic of our web pages. No personal information is recorded at any point.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are published by advertising agencies and advertising space operators. may provide advertising space to help finance the content and services offered free of charge to its visitors.

As part of these advertising partnerships, advertisers may collect information via the content seen on our site, in compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1978.

These pieces of information are collected through advertising cookies, which refer to the number of ads displayed, the number of users who clicked on them, and their subsequent actions on the web pages where these ads lead.

These cookies allow our partners to establish statistics on the results of their campaigns via our site and adapt their content accordingly.

Cookies related to social networks

These cookies allow us to share contents of our site with other people or to make known to other people your consultation or your opinion concerning a content of the site.

Namely the case of “like” and “share” buttons from networks such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

These social networks are likely to identify you with the help of these buttons, which is why we encourage you to consult their privacy policies to understand the purpose of use, including advertising, the navigation information they can collect through these application buttons.

Cookies generally have an expiration date that does not exceed one year.

Which Cookies are stored by

Other than the technical Cookies which are essential to the functioning of our site, collects non-personal information. The data we retrieve is anonymous as it only refers to Audience measurement Cookies. mainly uses performance analysis cookies via the Google Analytics tool of Google to collect data in order to analyze the use of the site and detect any anomaly that may interfere with the user experience. Information about your browsing is stored on Google’s servers as part of the reports about website’s activities. We encourage you to check Google’s policy to learn more. is also likely to offer advertising space on one or more pages of the site in which case the operators of these areas would be required to use advertising cookies via our site.

How to control your cookies?

By using, you accept the use of our Cookies. However, you can choose to disable some or the totality of the cookies, with the exception of the technical cookies (otherwise our site may no longer work).

You can set your Internet browser in order to get an alert when cookies are stored in your device so you can choose to accept them or to turn them off.

Here’s how you should proceed:

Reject a Cookie via your browser

If you use the Internet Explorer browser

Click on the “settings” button then on “Internet options”, choose the “privacy” tab. You can choose here to disable all or some Cookies. Once you finish, close the window, confirm your choice and return to your web page.

If you use the Firefox browser

Click on the Firefox menu icon then the “options” button. A window will appear allowing you to choose the tab “privacy”. then click on “delete specific cookies”: you can select the cookies you want to disable. Click on “ok” before returning to your web page.

If you use the Safari browser

Go to the “settings” tab and then to “preferences”: choose “privacy/security” and then click on “show cookies”. Select the cookies to turn off and click on “delete” (or “delete all”).

If you use the Chrome browser

Click on the Chrome menu icon and then on “Settings”. Then click on “show advanced settings”. In the tab “privacy”, you will find the menu “content settings”, it is in that section where you’ll be able to disable cookies.

Choose “Block sites from setting any data” and click “All Cookies and Site Data”. You will get the list of sites that have created cookies on your device. Click on the “X” to erase them one by one or “delete all”.

Turning off a cookie or advertising cookie

On, we have listed the companies that are most likely to store cookies in your browser: Google (Adwords, Analytics), Bing ads, Facebook pixel, Kenshoo, Outbrain, Taboola, Twitter, Visual Website Optimiser.

These Cookies measure the traffic and the type of audience associated with our website via the pages visited and the interactions performed. Disabling them will prevent any collection of information to enhance and personalize your experience on our site by providing you with editorial content and tailored comparison services.

For each of the aforementioned companies, you can check the following links to learn more about the use of the data saved via their Cookies:





Visual Website Optimiser

Warning: deleting Cookies will not prevent you from receiving ads, only these will no longer be targeted according to your preferences and interests. Keep in mind that you will continue to receive other ads. Disabling Cookies prevents information collection, which tend to allow advertisers to achieve a better targeting during your visit

Turning off a Cookie from a social network

If you don’t want our site to register cookies issued by social networks, you can click on the deactivation links below: a unique cookie will be then sent to our browser, which will have the sole purpose of neutralizing other cookies of the same issuer.

Disable Cookies from FACEBOOK

Disable Twitter Cookies

Disable GOOGLE + Cookies

Warning! Cookies are also in charge of taking into account the potential changes you might do on your cookies settings when turning off some or all your cookies.

If you delete all the Cookies registered in your terminal regarding, we will actually no longer know the wishes you might have issued. In other words, you would have to reset your consent and therefore you would have to turn off again the cookie(s) you don’t wish to store everytime you visit the site.

If you use another Internet browser, you will also have to turn off these Cookies again as your preferences, such as the cookies to which they refer, depending on the browser and the terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that you use to consult our website.

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